ghent lunch

AYCE Lunch Buffet – The Best Deal In Ghent!

There’s always that rush at lunch. It’s too short. Eating is too rushed. Choices are too few. Trust us, we know your pain. It’s why we’re happy to remind you about our lunch buffet. That’s right, every Monday-Friday from 11am – 2pm we have your favorite pizza, pasta, garlic knots, soup and salad all for […]

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Come In For Our $8.99 Lunch Buffet

Cogans Pizza Ghent

Ghent is perfect for lunch and Cogans is just the spot. Our $8.99 lunch buffet runs from Monday – Friday and is chock full of all your pizza favorites and all you can eat! Bring your co-workers, meet your friends, or bring the family and enjoy! Whether you’re in downtown Norfolk, Ghent or anywhere surrounding […]

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